Once they even won by default the over…

July 27, 2010

Once they even won by default the over 40s section of a marathon race which happened to take place as they were passing. Not giving dates lets the story have a more relaxed and timeless feel about it.
Rather than having to push onwards all the time there is ample opportunity to absorb the history and geography and spend nights with the River Rats, Scotts Tennessee Artillery Company B of the Confederate Army and the jousting tents of ordinary American campers, be brushed by the cultures of Mark Twain, Elvis Presley, jazz, country and Cajun music and the Mormons and many more and to feed alligators from a boat, meet Delta pirogues and be blasted by phenomenal thunderstorms.
The book very quickly gets down to the paddling with a token section at the source of the river.
They then move a little further down before taking up the major part of their trip, largely unbroken to the Gulf of Mexico except for stopovers to explore the towns and recover from incidents, including loss of their canoe on one occasion.
The one significant exception was a ride for several days from St Louis to Memphis on a barge train to see these monsters of the river from the top side.
Sylvie’s book repeatedly shows a surprising degree of fear, fear of barge trains, of thoughtless pleasure boaters, of the storms and of the river itself.
It is a shame that there are no photographs but each chapter begins with a Tom Price sketch and the text marks Sylvie out as a skilled travel writer rather than just a traveller who writes, a thoroughly good read. Magazine formats
The WCA magazine Ceufad has changed to a tabloid format.
While operating within tight financial constraints, editor Terry Davies has managed to give a striking and punchy presentation with plenty of information.
The Canoe-Camper is now on glossy paper and a selection of photographs are included for the first time. Wychavon Canoe Club have launched the first edition of their club newsletter. Touring guides
The BCU Touring & Recreation Committee are preparing 100 Paddles in England and 50 Touring Rivers in Europe and to be published later in the year. The ambitious touring database proposals have been shelved.
Paddlers International yearbook
The 1992 members’ yearbook for Paddlers International is even better than before in that members are now indexed in alphabetical order of name as well as by the waters on which they are knowledgeable and by club membership number.
The worldwide list of national governing body addresses is the most up to date anywhere. In fact, it really is a who’s who of international canoe touring. Numeracy problems
One of the outdoor magazines recently published a canoeing supplement with advertisements bearing prominent numbers.
Readers of Canoeist will have been the only people to have know that the numbers on the advertisements as we originally published them cross referenced to the map on page 52 of our February issue. Oops!
St Albans’ double double

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