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Only one certain fact remains with her.

March 16, 2010

Only one certain fact remains with her.
From that night onwards, Gary was a different person.
A seven-year-old lovable imp turned overnight into what can only be described as a “demon”. The first and most enduring victim of the new Gary was his mother’s purse.
Next came his three younger sisters whom he began to terrorise ” biting and kicking and scratching them.
His fellow pupils at school suffered so badly that Mary became a constant visitor to the headmaster’s study, and Gary was banned from the playground.
Neighbours formed queues on occasions as they came to complain of mindless acts of vandalism.
Both Mary and Terry devoted much of their energies and time and love to solving their son’s behaviour.
On one occasion and they tried to interest him in the piano but that finished within three weeks with two surprises. Gary’s teacher came round with both of them.
First was the news that the lad had such a natural ear and ability that the teacher felt that he could not teach him anything. The second was the request for payment for the three lessons. Gary had pocketed his piano fees.
The following years of unrelieved deception and destruction were tinged with the happiness of Terry’s apparent conversion to Christ and subsequent church work. However and this introduced a new pattern to Gary’s war on the world around him. Mary explained…
“On the frequent occasions we were engaged in Christian work, we had additional problems with our black lamb. He stole the Sunday school collection.
He eavesdropped on church leadership meetings in our home and then made it his business to tell everybody all that we had discussed.
The church visitors were intensely embarrassed shortly after we had agreed to have door-to-door visitation for a forthcoming town mission. Gary had beaten them to it, and had demanded contributions for the mission. Of course, he had kept the money.
“It was strange how Gary would often know things he had not been told.
We soon took steps to ensure that Gary was otherwise occupied when private matters of the church and home were discussed.
Even then, Terry and I used to have arguments when one of us discovered that Gary had knowledge of things that only the two of us knew.
The only human explanation was that one of us had said something in an unguarded moment.


Receiving goods into stock…

March 11, 2010

Receiving goods into stock
When the goods have been dispatched and the manufacturer sends an advice note to the retailer informing him of the date and time of dispatch.
A delivery note is sent along with the goods ” this enables the retailer to check that the delivery he receives matches the one dispatched by the manufacturer.
Many shops and stores have a special delivery area, usually at the rear of the store.
Goods can be unloaded and dealt with as soon as they arrive from the manufacturer. The procedure for receiving stock is usually as follows:
Goods are unloaded
Deliveries are checked for damage and/or shortages (the advice note/delivery note will have a record of what should have been sent) 3
The delivery note is signed and the driver retains one copy.
Any shortages are recorded on the delivery note so that the supplier can correct the shortfall. 4
Deliveries are recorded in a “goods received” book.
(Smaller companies may not have a special book, but instead keep the advice/delivery note on file) 5
Goods are moved into the warehouse, checked and then transferred to their storage space. Large packages may be unloaded onto pallets and moved by fork-lift truck. The invoice
At the end of the month following the delivery of the order and the manufacturer will send the retailer an invoice or bill and similar to the one below: An invoice will usually give: